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Tips for Binary Options Risk Management

In past few years, binary options has gain remarkable popularity in leaps and bounds that has surpassed other trading instruments. Requiring just a set of pre-requisite knowledge and binary options risk management skills, everybody can make an entry in this profitable industry. The continuously increasing trend of binary options makes you think more about it and sort out the things that make it one of the most popular trading instruments.


binary options risk management

Binary Option Risk Management


Before the binary option industry was properly regulated, it was considered just a form of gambling. Since it is regulated, it is serving as a legitimate and high profitable business.

One could think that being one of the most popular trading instruments, binary option trading would be very easy. Yes it is easy, if you are really aware of nitty-gritty involved and know how to do it while employing effective binary options risk management strategies. Otherwise it is as difficult as a Greek puzzle. Remember, like the way binary option trading presents high profits, it also presents high risk. To be successful in binary option trading, all you have to manage is risk.

Following are few proven tips that contribute effectively in risk management to carry out successful binary trading.

  • Polish your trading skills. Gain as much knowledge as you can about binary option trading. Don’t believe everything what brokers say. Get educated and experiment with your concepts via demo account. Although brokers keep on saying that trading is very easy. If it would be that easy then we should see millionaires everywhere. But it is not like this. That means trading is not easy. It is not a chore that anybody can do. Anybody can do it but only after learning about binary options risk management.


  • The golden principle of binary options trading is “Don’t bite off more than you can chew”. By this it is meant that invest only that amount which you can afford to lose. So whenever you are about to invest in binary options, ask yourself, “What would happen if this trade fails”? “Can I afford to lose it?” Invest only if you have valid answers to above questions. To be on safe side, expert traders suggest not to put more than 5% of your total capital on stake. For instance if you have $500, then you should put $25 to trade. Although it depends on risk tolerance, skill and capital traders, new traders at least should not exceed 5%.


  • There are numerous brokers through which you can do binary options trading. Every broker has its own terms and conditions. Get along with that broker who offers at least 15% return on a failed trade and 90-95% return on every successful trade.


  • Roll over is a binary options risk management feature offered by some brokers. It allows traders to extend the expiry date of options trade. This feature comes really handy when price is moving in the wrong direction but there are chances for it to revert back. Delaying the expiration date induces chances for gains and reverse the ball in your court.


  • Another feature offered by some really good brokers is of “Early Exits”. This feature allow traders to close the trade before expiration. For instance a trade is going against your speculated price and there are no signs for trade to be profitable. In such circumstances, traders can limit their losses by choosing to close the trade before expiration. So, always trade binary options through the brokers who offer early exits.


So this is how you can ensure binary options risk management. The good thing is possibility of managing risks even with opened positions. Just ensure to trade through regulated brokers who offer both “Early Exits” and “Roll-over” options.


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