What are Binary Options?

Binary Options, also called “Digital Options” or “All-Or-Nothing Options”,
involves speculating on the market prices of underlying assets such as stocks,
commodities, currencies and indices. Traders simply need to choose the asset’s direction,
expiry time, and investment amount. If the trader’s speculation is correct,
he/she will receive a return of up to 80%

Do you have MT4 (Meta-Trader 4) platform?

No, we have an online based platform which is enough to base your trading decisions on. If you feel more comfortable using MT4, you can download it for free from: http://www.metatrader4.com/en/download.

I realize that sometimes the trade expires as winning but when I check it in the history, it appear as loosing. Why?

The difference between a losing and a winning trade is only 1 pip. So it is not that surprising to experience fast shifts in price in matter of seconds especially when the market is so volatile. (For example, after high impact news or during the overlap between New York and London sessions) In order to avoid this, stay aside during high volatility market conditions.

Is there any spread?

The prices we give are closest indication to real price in the market, we at Deray Options are broker, who connects users to the market maker. We transfer your orders to the real market, we do not charge any spread , but sometimes , the market maker in unable to execute the trade at the requested level , and the order is being executed at the next best available price.

Why my credit/debit card is not working?

We currently cannot accept some types of credit/debit cards. So do not worry if you couldn’t fund your account using your credit card; you can still fund it through Skrill, Bank Transfer, Western Union or Money Gram.
Please contact your account manager for guidance.