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Author: Richard Nasr - ريشار نصر

How To Use The Fibonacci Levels In Trading

What are the Fibonacci numbers? The so-called Fibonacci numbers were invented by Italian mathematician Leonardo Bonacci (known as Fibonacci) who lived c. [...]

The Signs of a Trend Reversal

What Is A Trend Reversal? In binary options trading, the trend is your good friend: once you have spotted a trend, you can make nice profits riding it. [...]

Understanding the Difference between Binary Options and Forex Trading

Forex trading and binary options trading are in the focus of investors nowadays. A lot of people are interested in these exciting businesses, but if you are a [...]

How the US presidential election will affect financial markets

What can we expect during the election? Binary options traders have an interesting topic to discuss about: the presidential election that will be held in [...]

How to avoid losing money in binary options trading

Binary options trading is a long-term game and you need to play this game carefully. Nobody can guarantee that all your positions will win. Anyone might have [...]

Trading with Index Options

What are stock indices? An interesting asset category on the binary options market is the stock indices. A stock index is a combination of stocks that [...]

The most popular currency pairs for binary options trading

Top currencies for trading A lot of binary options traders prefer to deal with currencies, this business is extremely popular nowadays. Several currencies [...]

Autumn Rally of Gold

The Seasonality of Gold Trading We have already analyzed gold as a safe haven for investors in case of turbulence on the world's financial markets. But this [...]

Trade Types in Binary Options: Pair and Ladder Options

In this article, we will introduce two other types of binary options which are less well known but are equally important: the pair options and the ladder [...]

Trading Opportunities in US Dollar

Financial markets are looking at the US Dollar these days, the currency is expected to gain strength. Investors anticipate that the Federal Reserve Bank will [...]