Deray Options

Deray Options is a binary options broker, specialized in binary options trading.

As a global company, Deray Options has a transparent and trusted platform which gives customers access to a wide range of assets, such as currencies, indices, stocks, and commodities.

This trading platform is specifically designed to give users accessibility to all financial markets in one place and suits the needs and means of novice and expert traders alike.


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What is Binary Option?

In binary options, the potential profits and losses of any given trade are known before the transaction is even launched, with the trading platform indicating to the trader the possible profit and loss amounts in the event of a gain or a loss.


How to Trade Binary Options?

Trading binary options involves speculating on the future market price of an underlying asset.

If, for example, a trader believes that the rate of an asset will be higher in 5 minutes than it currently is, the trader will place a CALL or BUY trade and set the end time and the invested amount for that trade.

The platform will automatically indicate the potential return on investment.   If the trader correctly speculates on the trade, he/she will win that aforementioned amount; if not, the trader will lose the invested amount.

Assume the USD/EUR rate is now 1.2345. Based on the market movement and graphs, you will be trading on whether the rate will increase (select Call or Buy) or decrease (Select Put or Sell) at a given time (end of trade time)


Trading steps

Trading binary options with Deray Options is fairly easy, you have few steps to follow for each trade:

  • Select an asset you are informed about.
  • Make your financial analysis: analyze financial charts, check signals and follow financial news to know if the asset’s price will increase or decrease.
  • Select an action: Call / Buy (if you think the asset price will increase) or Put / Sell (If you think the asset price will decrease).
  • Set the amount you want to invest in your trade.
  • Select the expiry time for your trade.
  • Track your trade on the live graph and follow the progress of your investment.


Deray Options Services

The company makes its services so attractive by offering a fair and reliable experience to investors of all levels. At Deray Options, you will find education information for new traders, a diversified portfolio of assets from which to choose, multi account types that suit all users’ budgets, and a team of highly dedicated trading experts that strive to consistently deliver useful training material, updated market news and real-time support.


Geographic Coverage

Deray Options operates in multiple countries. Offices are located in London, Cyprus and Beirut and services cover multiple countries around the globe.


What are the types of trades available?

There are different trading options in the market.

Binary Option: This is the most common high/low option which is preferred by most traders. If a trader thinks the price of an asset will increase, he chooses Call and if he thinks it will decrease he chooses Put. The trade will end depending on the expiry time so chosen (60 seconds, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, etc).

One Touch or Strike Out: One Touch allows a trader to make up to 600% in profit, as long as the predicted Target Price is reached just once before the predetermined expiry time. The predetermined expiry time is usually between 3 to 5 business days.

The Strike Out option type allows a trader to make up to 850% in profit, as long as the predicted Target Price is reached or passed at the expiry of the option. Unlike the One Touch feature, reaching the Target Price just once isn’t enough to make a profit – the asset has to expire above or below the current price by the end of the predetermined timeframe.

Social Trading: Allows a trader to follow other traders and copy their trades with the click of a button. By simply clicking on the “Social Trading” tab on the trading platform, you will be able to see details of that trade including the date and time it was placed, the asset traded, the direction of the trade, and the winning percentage of the user.

Trading Robots: Allows a trader to Automate trades by simply selecting assets, studies, and trade amount. The system will then automatically launch a trade based on the signals received from the studies, for the assets chosen, and the amount selected.

Account Types

Deray Options understands that there are different classes of traders (I would use Deray Option understands that each trader is different) . With this in mind, a trader has three different account types at his/her disposal, guaranteed to provide enough satisfaction at all levels.


DerayOptions Account Type


Each account type comes with its own perks, and aims to offer the best trading experience to novice and advanced traders alike.

You can create your account here.


Halal Accounts:

All our Accounts are Halal Accounts: No interest, no swaps, and no commission

Withdrawal and other Policies

Deray Options Insist on providing a trustful platform for traders. Therefore strives to keep withdrawal policies transparent as well as Easy, Clear, Fast, and Simple as ABC, no additional or hidden fees are included.

On the other hand, Deray Options does not tolerate money laundering and takes every measure necessary to fight money launderers. It also abide by the international KYC (Know your customer) agreements. As such it put in place strict policies to deter people from laundering money.


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