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The Advantages of Options Trading

Options trading has several advantages over traditional financial markets, it can be more predictable and safer. First, let's see, what options are exactly. What is an option? An option is a derivative financial instrument, it incorporates the right to buy or sell a certain quantity of an underlying product. The underlying products can be stocks, [...]

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How to retire young

As we are entering the New Year, many of us feel that it is time to set new goals. What would we like to do in 2017? What would we like to achieve in the long term? One of the [...]

Trading Tips for 2017

Binary options traders have an exciting year behind. Surprise outcomes in 2016, such as BREXIT and Donald Trump's victory caused huge volatility in financial markets. But the [...] Gets $2 Million Investment

Optimizer Invest, Kinetic Investments and Right Casino’s Sam Miranda have invested a total of $2 million into a new online trading school, now part of [...]

Money Management For Binary Options Trading

What is Money Management? Money management is the process of managing the cash usage of an individual or organization. This process includes spending, saving and investing [...]

Ups and Downs on the UK Financial Market

The financial market of the United Kingdom has seen several ups and downs since the referendum decided that the country will leave the European Union. The following chart [...]

Oil Price Climbing

Oil price leads the financial news today as its price heavily increases. The reason of the change is that members of the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries [...]

The US Stock Market After Trump’s Victory

In our previous post, we reviewed how the exchange rate of the US Dollar moved after the presidential election. Now we take a closer look at the US Stock Market. As [...]

Stock Market News After Trump’s Victory

Republican Donald Trump has been elected the 45th president of the United States. The 70-year old billionaire businessman defeated Hillary Clinton in the general election on [...]

How To Use The Fibonacci Levels In Trading

What are the Fibonacci numbers? The so-called Fibonacci numbers were invented by Italian mathematician Leonardo Bonacci (known as Fibonacci) who lived c. 1170 – c. 1250 [...]

The Signs of a Trend Reversal

What Is A Trend Reversal? In binary options trading, the trend is your good friend: once you have spotted a trend, you can make nice profits riding it. But no trend lasts [...]